Hello there. OpenArticleGauge requires a relatively big server to run and has run its hosting course (by a few weeks on 8 Mar 2016, actually). Cottage Labs LLP is working on rewriting the software so it's much more efficient and takes up far less server resources. Thus we hope to be able to provide the service again in a few months. We can't guarantee this, but the source code remains available on Github. We will also certainly continue running it for various other projects of ours, so if you would like to automatically identify article licenses and this notice is still up when you read it, email us at us@cottagelabs.com and we might be able to help.

A big thank you to PLOS (and the person who pushed this project forward: Cameron Neylon) who funded the development of this project as a prototype to see if automatically identifying licenses for articles was at all possible. Turns out it is, and we have tried to find this out for more than 4m DOIs, succeeding on a good 1.5m. The feature allowing the wider community to add license statements for the crawler to identify is also worth remembering, for any future projects which embark on this path.

If you are still using OAG, please write to us@cottagelabs.com and tell us what you are using it for, and how it was useful. More use cases will make it much easier to fund further development and long-term hosting.